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And for the development and coordination of the adaptation and mitigation of climate change activities as per the National Climate Change Strategy, and guide the Environment Department on Climate Change negotiations, environment policies, law and international treaties.

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The World Meteorological Day (WMO DAY) will be celebrated on the 23rd March 2016 and this year's theme is ("HOTTER, DRIER, WETTER --> FACE THE FUTURE".

As already known, our climate is really changing and will continue to change as more greenhouse gases emitted by human activities accumulates in the atmosphere.  

To commensurate the day, the Seychelles National Meteorological Service is planning a set of activities that will create awareness to the public based on the subject.


SNMS Geared For Marine Information

The organization will be deploying its first ever mooring buoy that will measure ocean parameters in part of Seychelles sea waters. The buoy is part of a marine observing system that will facilitate the establishment of real-time data acquisition and assimilation. Processed information will help SNMS in issuing more accurate marine forecasts to local mariners and sea farers. The system will also provide for forecast verification and validation.

It is one project made possible by the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES) and the government of India.      

Launch date is expected to be between 25th and 29th Feb 2016.   




Meteo in the News

Daily Forecast

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Long sunny periods with a possibility of showers over few areas. Temp 30-31C

Surface wind:  South-east 25-40km/hr

Relative Humidity:75-80%

State of Sea: Moderate/Rough

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Seychelles National Meteorological Services

Met-Office receives its first marine observational system

Development and implementation of integrated ocean information system-project under the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System(RIMES)

A wave rider buoy had already been installed in Seychelles waters.  

This comes from a project in partnership between RIMES through the government of India – INCOIS and local experts from SNMS, SFA, Coast Guard, Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration and Department of Energy and CC.




The project had successfully been completed and seychelles will benefit by obtaining accurate ocean forecast and products which can be distributed to various stakeholders across the country.


Forecast expected to be delivered from the system includes:

1.Wave height and direction

2.Sea surface current

3.Sea surface Temperature

4.Mixed layered depth

5.Depth of 20 degree isother  

Data and information provided will also be oriented towards research based project on blue economy concept initiated by president (James Alix Michel) last year.

Below are some pictures relating to activities of the project before deploying the buoy in vincinity of Fregate and Mahe Island.

Buoy preparation

Picture 2: Inspection of the buoy

Buoy components test

Picture 3: Testing the sensors and electronic modules of the buoy

Bouy preparation 2